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A type of prank calling which originated within a small communtity of phreakers called the Phone Losers Of America. The point is to tie the word "cactus" into the prank call as many times as possible without sounding like a prank call.
Murd0c is planning on cactusing this catholic suicide hotline later.
by Sparx March 19, 2005
11 1
going out to The Neon Cactus at Purdue University, its a Thursday must-do for 21 year olds
Hey, are you cactusing tonight?
by Karen Booker February 23, 2012
6 1
masturbation at its finest. With or wittout artifical lube.
Jim likes to use astroglide while cactusing
by Hugh G. Balls February 11, 2003
5 8
the act of loving your girlfriend.
I'm cactus-ing my girlfriend.
by SupDaniii March 29, 2010
2 17