Mythical(?) cat-rabbit hybrid. Flocks to hipster meccas, burrowing ten to twenty miles outside downtown to avoid overstimulation. Enjoys tobacco and craft beers.

Comes in British, Siamese, and Antarctic breeds.
The British cabbit is a nocturnal creature who, indeed, does live on scones and milk tea alone.
by caocaopuff November 07, 2011
Top Definition
a breed of animal - Cat + Rabbit
the speed of a cat and sex drive of a rabbit
The Cabbit humped Jackie with flexibility and control.
by Mr.Splashworth October 23, 2003
Half cat, half rabbit? Right. It's a joke that Manx cat owners play on others.
Stu' Pidiot: Hey, Poindexter, look, a Cabbit!

Poindexter: Long hind legs, little or no tail. It's just a Manx or a Manx mix retard.

Stu' Pidiot: Hey, I was tard good enough the first time!
by Gene Splicer May 20, 2006
A Cabbit is found in the Anime, Tenchi. The main Cabbit is Ryo-oki, a brown half cat/half rabbit. It looks like a rabbit, but speaks and thinks like a smart cat. It can transform into a space ship at the will of Ryoko, her owner. ^-^; In the manga and in few episodes of the OAV, Ryo-ohki can take a human form, of either a teenage girl or a little girl.
Not quite a cat and not quite a rabbit.
Cabbits are weird.
by Tenchi February 18, 2003
A cat/rabbit hybrid. Exists in anime. Doesn't exist in the real world...but try telling some people that.
"There wuz this he-rabbit whut liked ta mount she-cats...and one'a dem she-cats had a litter of bobtailed kittens whut hopped!"
"Was there a Manx tom in the neighborhood?"
"I dunno...but I tell ya, dem wuzn't no Manx kittens, dem wuz cabbits!"
by Qit April 04, 2004
Half cat half rabbit. In other words, a white cat with no tail that makes it appear to be a rabbit at a quick glance. Normally these cats are strays.
"Look a cabbit is in our yard!!!"
by CabbitLover March 20, 2010
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