The story my 5th form biology teacher told the my class... and suckered us all in for months.
It was formed from the close interbreeding of cat who fell in love with a rabit.
by Bethlehem College 2000 March 30, 2004
It is when a Cat and Rabbit have intercourse making a Cabbit. Metaphorically it means the person is cute, loves to have sex, but will claw your eyes out.
Person 1: What kind of animal am I
Person 2: Your like a Rabbit cause you love to have sex and you cute
Person 1: I thought i was a like a cat
Person 2: ummmm then your a Cabbit
Person 1: WTF
by creator913 November 30, 2011
A cat-rabbit hybrid. Half the litter are extremely desirable cabbits. The other half? This is how rats were created.
A jackrabbit raped my cat Claudia dude! Look, here's the babies: 3 cabbits (3 manx-mix kittens), and 3 rats.
by Cris Myth and Michael Moore May 26, 2006
Listen, students, an actual cabbit is NOT a cross between a cat and a rabbit. A cabbit is a cross between a cavy and a rabbit. The cavy is commonly known as the guinea pig. This will be on the final exam!
A cabbit is not a cat-rabbit. Cats eat rabbits!
Also, one of the foremost and talented Infiltrators in Planetside. He spends a lot of time trying to get Infiltrators un-nerfed, which would make them the only thing in that Goddamn game actually balanced.

Contrary to popular belief, no, he is not a hybrid, and yes, he is in fact about to gank your generator.
"Cabbit won't stop bitching about Infiltrators on the Planetside forums. If he keeps it up, they might live more than three seconds. The BASTARD!"
by David March 23, 2004
Half rabbit/ half cat. usually has no tail, walks on hind legs and short ears.
Look at the cabbit man!
by Grim-Reaper March 26, 2005

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