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Street name for a kilogram of cocaine.key
I flipped a byrd yesterday my nigga!
by The Motherf'kn Snowman August 22, 2006
A term used among skinheads and the working class, cockney english for a woman.
"I took my byrd down to the pub last night and had a pint with some friends."
by SkinheadMBTA October 15, 2003
Talented rapper from Fort Myers, Florida.
"Florida's Secret Weapon"
B.Y.R.D.'s album
by mackrock17 January 23, 2007
A very aggressive person that like to eat ass on the side , The name also comes from only origins such as the Greeks which translate the great booty devour
"You see that dude eating that ass , O that's a Byrd"
by Big daddy tf November 09, 2014
term that refers to the females of the skinhead movement. see... bird
"damn look at that byrd, shes tough!"
"I wanna skank with that byrd"
"let's get drunk and fuck some byrds"
by Klarken March 07, 2005
hoe, slut a female whobasically gets around
My Ni99a do you see dat byrd over der dat bitch f*cked my whole team my dude
by jamell October 01, 2007
A vagina
It must be spelled byrd to not get confused with bird
Used as an insult mostly.
-I want lick her byrd
-Jake is being such a byrd today
-Kaylin has a loose byrd
by feiojfioemvke January 29, 2008

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