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Abbreviation for the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings. Can be pronounced as B Dub meaning B with a double W
Im going to eat today at bww.
by Fachoina December 16, 2009
Box wine wasted - when you stop using cups and drink directly from the spout. You end up getting so fucked up you need to open up the box, get the empty bag, blow it up and use it as a pillow in public
Guy 1: Sarah is so BWW!

Guy 2: Ya she got pretty drunk off that boxed wine, where did she get that plastic pillow?
by angie February 25, 2015
A prime location for cannabis users at the University of Missouri to smoke some fuckin grass. This term, coined by "da boys", comes from a drunken/high revelation in which bong water was spilled on the cement sewer block thus christening the cement block as Bong Water Wrock. Yes, wrock.
Yo man you guys down to go to bww's tonight?
by chimmychonga69 January 28, 2012
BeWare at Work; a common phrase placed in the subject line of an e-mail containing pictures or other graphic material that you wouldn't want your IT people finding out about.
Subj: Pics of a big tittied albino midget straddling a downs syndrome toddler while utilizing the protruding tongue as a clittoral stimulant (BWW!)
by DocN October 22, 2008
A woman too big to be an ssbbw so she's a BWW a big whale woman
Hey see that BWW? You know that girl who's like 700lbs
by excalibursedge March 26, 2016

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