an abbreviation meaning Bitch Whore. A girl or guy who you just dont like and dont have anything better to call them.
OMFG Crystal is such a b.w.! I cant believe she would just steal your boyfriend like that!
by wtfgurl January 14, 2006
Meanin Bitch/Whore .. its what you can call any girl/guy that acts bitchy to you and is a dirty whore. Tho if you want you can call any ol' person you want that if your very mad at them. Plus you can call a person this word and they wont even know what you mean unless they've read this, tho if they haven't you can use this word freely anywhere you want!!!
Me:O-M-G! Gosh I hate you Mireya... Dont talk to me you think your all that ... you such a b.w.
Mireya: Umm ok? Teacher she called me a ummm b.w.!
Teacher:O.ok? I'm sorry umm i must've forgotten. What does that mean again?
Mireya:Oh well umm i dont know.....
by *!Dittles!* January 16, 2006
Big Woman.

Pronounced "bee-dub", this term stems in opposition to the misleading acronym, BBW (big, beautiful woman).
Person 1: Hey dude, why'd you guys leave my party last night? There were a lotta good lookin' ladies there.

Person 2: Yeah right, a bunch of BWs showed up, so we dipped out.

Person 1: You mean BBWs?

Person 2: No, I mean BWs. There's no such thing as a BBW.

an evdog-hopkin-original
by B.Hop February 16, 2009
A slang term used in the Battle for Middle Earth II(tm) RTS game.

BWs = Battle Wagons, a dwarven Cavalry unit.

...Then he brought in some BWs and raped my base...
by Taer August 23, 2006
This is when women think they are all that but really they are just BW...Basic Woman
I would hate to come down to her level and become a BW..Basic Woman
by Geovona August 12, 2007
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