To stick penis in light socket
George took the power out for 3 days because he did a buzzer.
by fatcat346 October 02, 2002
Top Definition
Another word for vibrator.
*sigh* It's just me and my buzzer tonight!
by Jeanne August 26, 2004
someone who likes to get fucked up and have a laugh. Usually makes a bloody show of him/herself!

A buzzer can also be a pill that makes you dance.

or alternativley and quite bizarly a buzzer can be an object or living thing that looks as if its having a good time (this is only used when extreme amounts of buzz have been consumed)
"Yuup buzzer mi lad" Is what you might say to a fellow buzzer.
"Gizza buzzer r kid!"
by Georgy lad May 04, 2006
a joint packed with just enough marijuana to get one "buzzed" or between the state of being sober and high.
having multiple buzzers may get one high. these are smoked more commonly with people who are conservative about their marijuana or like to feel lifted on a more consistent basis.
im on my 7th buzzer all day and im feelin' gooooooood
by Sodacan888 July 21, 2009
A guy with very short hair (intentionally short, not due to baldness).
Damn I can't believe that rocker guy is a buzzer now!
by NoBuzzers March 02, 2007
when something or someone ruins an activity, etc.
a cross between buzz kill and bummer
me: i was going to go to the beach today, but now its raining.

you: aww man, thats a buzzer!

me: we were having a great time shopping but then becky showed up.

you: wow, that sucks, she's such a buzzer!
by lisabisa April 15, 2011
When the woman gives a man a hand job but only at the tip.
She gave him a long Buzzer
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
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