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7 definitions by Jeanne

The Berber is a language known as Tamazight which is spoken in northern Africa (Morocco and Algeria).
I'm kabyle a dialect of berber (tamazight) language.
by Jeanne February 16, 2004
71 25
A cute play off of the "Lochness monster". A hotness monster is a man or woman who is sizzling and near unattainable. He/she is the royalty of hotness. (Origin: Ottawa, Canada)
Whoa! Hotness. She's a hotness monster!!
by Jeanne August 26, 2004
32 15
Another word for vibrator.
*sigh* It's just me and my buzzer tonight!
by Jeanne August 26, 2004
32 20
When you really have to go, and you just can't hold it, Pats Flats is a place to pee.
I've really got to pee, lets go to Pats Flats!
by Jeanne August 30, 2004
4 0
A word that penny-pinchers use to defend their frugality.

A.K.A. Cheap!!

(origin: somewhere in Canada's capital)
I'm not cheap... I'm fiscally conservative!!
by Jeanne August 26, 2004
18 15
1) A booby-trap question with a pre-determined answer (usually pre-determined by the askor). Usually no "good" answer is possible, and it may get you into trouble.

2) Stupidly drunk.
1) Do you love me?

2) Do you remember Mark Friday night? He was so loaded!!
by Jeanne August 26, 2004
8 6
me, i am the original sqube... its a smart person who does good at school etc but is very different from a geek or nerd (squbes can be hot... plus they dont actually have interest in star trek)
"did u do ur hwork?"
"u sqube"
by jeanne March 30, 2004
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