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1.A new variation of Bugs Bunny on the WB's "Loonatics". 2.Also made fun of in a flash cartton, " A new bunny".
1. We are super heroes now.

2. " I'm Buzz fucking Bunny mother fucker"
by PH34R3ST July 08, 2005
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new version of buggs bunny thats fucking EXTREME! made fun of in a new bunny and possibly one of the funniest animations ever.
"WHAT UP BITCH! im BUZZ BUNNY (buzz FUCKING bunny)motherfucker! ill fuck your mom in the ass with a razor dildo while on a drive by in a buick wiht a fucking monkey! YOU LIKE THAT SHIT MOTHERFUCKER?! got any crack?"

"i have some weed in my backpack"

"HELL NO! weed is for faggoty buttfucking pussies like you! i need crack cause its EXTREMEEEEEE!"
12 5
The new name for Bugs Bunny in the cartoon Loonatics by WB. It's hated by older audiences due to the change in design of Bugs Bunny, but with animation similar to Teen Titans, it might be a success. Buzz Bunny has a new menancing look that compares with that of Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Heroes).
BUGS BUNNY...NOOOOOOOOOO! Why did you change him to Buzz Bunny...I liked Bugs!
by World Domination February 23, 2005
9 2
A tool used to excite the female organs, usually shaped like a phallus, and having a bunny or bunny ears at the base of the phallus to stimulate the clitoris.
I was so tired and stressed out today, that when I got home, I played with my blue buzz bunny.
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
6 7