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4 definitions by PH34R3ST

The Spongebob Squarepants fanatic's way of say "shit", as in you messed up, or "damn it".
Patrick, "I lost the tickets Spongebob."

Spongebob, "Oh barnacles"
by PH34R3ST June 07, 2005
148 24
1.A great, under-looked at Sega title for the Xbox. it was the sequal to Jet Grind Radio (or Jet Set Radio in Japan) and also came as a double pack with Sega GT 2002.

2. One of the best games extreme sports-wise ever.
1. "Dude, i'm a lucky owner of JSRF"

2. This and Tony Hawk are like the best sports games EVER!
by PH34R3ST July 05, 2005
84 7
1.A new variation of Bugs Bunny on the WB's "Loonatics". 2.Also made fun of in a flash cartton, " A new bunny".
1. We are super heroes now.

2. " I'm Buzz fucking Bunny mother fucker"
by PH34R3ST July 08, 2005
19 4
One of the Sith Lords in KOTOR II (Knights of the Old Republic 2). He hungers for life force and plainly, he could kill Vader in a second
Nihulis was consumed by Hunger- Kriea
by PH34R3ST June 17, 2005
30 21