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Majin Buu from Dragonball Z.
A fat pink creature who posseses immense power and indulges in destroying planets, absorbing warriors and eating sweets.
Buu: "Me Buu, kill you"
Goku: "Oh really? come over and try!!"
by Eli32167 July 25, 2005
A nickname for the term or name Taboo. Refers to something soft beyond words and definition. ::Good Kitty::
"Oh yes, you are a good Buu. Yes you are!" ::Good Kitty::
by ::Good Kitty:: October 05, 2003
weed, marihuana, ganja, marijuana, cannabis, hemp, herb, reefer, shit, chronic, chron, etc.
you got the Buu?
by DliveryBoy07 July 20, 2010
Vietnamese word commonly used to describe stupidity or idiocity.
You buu cac!, Buu! May buu! "You're an idiot, Stupid!, You're stupid, etc
by He's the boxman September 24, 2006
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