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An individual who prefers to whore their butt.
"buttwhore -- an essential for every community!" - Pat "pap smear" Robertson
by cxnnor May 25, 2009
A Butt Whore is a term derived to describe A Mediocre Slut, that you just use for a piece of Ass. These are whores that you would not frequent more than necessary, & certainly not for any reason other than some easy Ass or to retrieve a watch you left behind.
Did you do anything last night?
--Not really, I met some Butt Whores downtown & got laid, but that's about it.

What do you mean you don't know any chicks, what about those ones from last Friday?
--Oh, those were just some stupid Butt Whores. Let's go find some REAL Sluts!
by Jonny Unitas October 09, 2007

1. A promiscuous female with an affinity for anal intercourse.

2. A female whose extreme promiscuity has caused her vagina to become unusable and/or inefffective and thus must resort to anal intercourse.
"God, that Anna is quite the little buttwhore."
by Harlan January 06, 2003
A Butt Whore is similar to a fudge packer (Someone who indulges in anal sex, normally a gay male, but not always so.) Also a Butt Whore could be any person who enjoys object up the rectum. Can be used as an insult.
OMG! You're such a butt whore!
by Brittany and Rachael July 20, 2005
A slut who just likes to fuck, doesn't matter where or who, she just likes a fat cock, not necessarily in da pooper, it just sounds better to call her a "buttwhore"
Hey guys!! Are we going out to Lipsticks or Wild Woody's tonight? I'd really like to hook up with a "buttwhore"
by Mike Temp March 08, 2003
someone who really enjoys pinching peoples butts
"Ouch why did you pinch me you butt whore!"
by max nisha March 21, 2007

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