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typically happens in colder climates in the winter when you have been in a bar or warm indoor climate for a significant amount of time and your butt starts to sweat. When you leave and go out side, all of a sudden you have icicles in the crack of your ass from frozen sweat.
I wanted to leave that concert so bad but now these buttsicles are making me think twice.
by semadar July 11, 2008
a very long turd that refuses to drop under its own weight thought to be caused by sitting directly on the porcelain.
"captain's log, 6:58AM, february 10th: i've been stuck in this godforsaken bathroom for nearly an hour thanks to this buttsicle." -Captain Obvious
by cometsolveseverything February 10, 2011
a penis that is sucked upon (like a popsicle) after being in someone's anus
Guy 1: I went ass to mouth on that girl
Guy 2: She enjoy that buttsicle?
by TheKRG September 17, 2009