What you get for quadruple posting.
Ill give you buttseckz
by qwerewq March 12, 2004
Top Definition
Love from behind.

You can have buttseckz with a girl if you follow this instructions:

1. Get to a party.
2. find an ugly girl,with great booty
3. make her drunk
4. Fuck her in the ass from behind.
5. in addition,give her a dirty sanchez with her crap.
Guy A:I gave Nadja great buttseckz.
Guy B:Does your penis smell now?
Guy A: No,she had to lick it clean,after I gave her a Dirty Sanchez.
Guy B: WTF LOL OMG u haxx0rz her butt.
by Bari March 30, 2005
Sex in the butt
Y helo thar buttseckz
by Jigen Daisuki February 18, 2004
Of or relating to having anal sex.
-Bend over! I want buttseckz!

-Yes, Tal.
by metroid_omega August 28, 2003

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