Top Definition
Love from behind.

You can have buttseckz with a girl if you follow this instructions:

1. Get to a party.
2. find an ugly girl,with great booty
3. make her drunk
4. Fuck her in the ass from behind.
5. in addition,give her a dirty sanchez with her crap.
Guy A:I gave Nadja great buttseckz.
Guy B:Does your penis smell now?
Guy A: No,she had to lick it clean,after I gave her a Dirty Sanchez.
Guy B: WTF LOL OMG u haxx0rz her butt.
by Bari March 30, 2005
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Sex in the butt
Y helo thar buttseckz
by Jigen Daisuki February 18, 2004
What you get for quadruple posting.
Ill give you buttseckz
by qwerewq March 12, 2004
Of or relating to having anal sex.
-Bend over! I want buttseckz!

-Yes, Tal.
by metroid_omega August 28, 2003

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