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when someone bends over and you see his balls hanging near his ass like a dog
That man just buttsacked me!?
by rOBOT April 22, 2003
A word with no true definition as a noun, but is generally used as a word to throw people off when a question is asked that the person doesn't want to answer and/or might be dangerous to answer.
Woman- "Do these pants make me look fat?"
Man- "Buttsack."
Woman- "What?"
Man- "Buttsack."
Woman- "...What were we talking about, again?"


Girlfriend- "Do you love me?"
Boyfriend- "Buttsack."
Bystander- "...Did he just say 'buttsack'?!"
by 42Geek July 30, 2010
A hidden sack near the buttocks used in various forms of sexual pleasure. The most sensuous part of a woman's body.
I fingered her buttsack all night and she loved it.
by None Genuine February 22, 2010
An adjective used to emphasize how you are feeling or how someone else is acting. Usually a negative connotation.
That guy over there plays football like a buttsack
by Mr. Sizz August 02, 2010
to pull back the scrotum with a pliers until it is directly over the anus, then punching it into the anus (you might want to wear gloves); approximately equivalent to 1000 punches in the shoulder.
If Star Wars Battlefront 3 doesn't come out for PS2, I'm gonna butt sack someone.
by da baron November 05, 2009
A small pouch that is formed when someone is continually done in the asshole. Usually fills with anal secretions and all kinds of nasty shit, including old, rotten, cum.
1. Oh shit, my butt sack is full again. Hold on while I go squeeze it out.

2. What's that gay kid doing?
Itching his butt sack.
by Andy Licious September 28, 2006
Meaning the negative connotations of a guy's ass and sack in the same view.
"Dude that guy just drove by with a buttsack hanging out the passenger window!"
by d13 June 01, 2005
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