A puss filled pouch of skin found in anus or on the buttocks of grown men, used by rodents (usually mice or rats) for nesting, burrowing, gathering, ect.
I set a mouse trap in my cousin's buttsack in an attempt to catch dinner.
by Dr. Gertrude February 28, 2011
When another ballsack grows on one of your buttcheeks. Usually your left buttcheek.
My dad showed me his buttsack in the shower the other day.
by Sean Aske June 21, 2012
A word commonly used by teenagers , referring to the back side of your ball sack.
Ouch, dude, you hit my butt sack.
by Wekranian July 02, 2009
A surgical procedure that attaches ones saggy or taut scrotum to their rectum or sometimes the sphincter.

Ayo tracy! Billy just got himself a brand new buttsack and it is looking nice!
by booty holes January 11, 2009
the male version of the g-spot
Trav-"Did you hookup with smashley last night"
Jerry-"Yeah, she found my buttsack and i immediately came in her face"
by KingOfTheBROcean July 18, 2010
An older woman's saggy butt that hangs down like a sack
Guy 1: Hey isnt that your grandma?
Guy 2: No way man, she's got a butt sack!
by joe peterson August 15, 2006
When a guy who is naked bends over and you can see his sack hanging between his legs, beneath his butt.
My boyfriend bent over after his shower and I got a full view of his butt sack.
by stud masterson April 11, 2008

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