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1. (N)A (usually) plastic circle attached to an article of clothing, such as a pair of pants, or a shit

2. (N) An unattractive (IMO) hicky on the chin
1. Why is it that the buttons on my cleavage seem to not want to stay buttoned?

2. Damn, dude. That button you gave Tina is so embarrassing!
by Every Fag's Slackerbitch December 27, 2008
Term describing the decorative screws/bolts that can be found around the outside edge of expensive rims. Many sets of rims can be bought with or without "buttons".
"I just bought me some blades with the buttons."
by Tim CCC July 21, 2007
Slang for breasts. If a girl is wearing a sweater you can look at her breasts and compliment her "buttons".
Wow, your buttons look...large tonight.
by bluesurf1981 July 20, 2006
a "made" member of the Mafia; soldier, wiseguy, goodfella, Man of Honor.
Don't worry about that Button, he runs with Joe's crew.
by segfff March 30, 2009
a discrete term used to refer to LSD tabletts but could be used to refer to any drug, mostly used during the late sixtyies and early seventies, and even into the eighties.
"Where's the button, whose got the button?"
by Colin S. November 08, 2005
A very small penis, or the individual who possesses it.
Ever change in the 24 Hour Fitness locker room in Daly City? All you can see is buttons in every direction.
by toosuave August 11, 2013
when one person pulls down thier pants and underwear and places their buttcheeks on an unsuspecting person's face.
Pierre is sleeping and abe pulls down his pants revealing his butt and puts a peanut butter jelly sandwich in his butt crack and sits on pierre's face giving him a pbj butt-on
by David P, June 18, 2006