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anal sex. Curiously, this seems to refer to the actor as the Penatrative party, so the example means that I am penatrative party. This is the opposite of most forms of speech concerning anal sex.
I am going to give you buttlove!
by Rela September 13, 2003
112 40
butt sex
When Bob shows his tender love for Trevor by placing his magic stick in his stinker.
by John August 28, 2003
66 19
A bad smell in the air.
Damn the halls always smell like butt love.

Whats that smell? I think its some butt love.
by ANDREW March 02, 2004
23 26
noun. 1. A prisoner and/ or boyfriend giving some cock thier lover in the butt.
2. A girlfriend giving another girlfriend love through the butt.
Lil' Tee - Dude my bro told me that he got some butt love in prison.
Mo - Dude my bro told me the samething.
Lil' Tee - Dude i think that your bro gave my bro some butt love last night in prison.
by Brennie January 10, 2006
18 29
When you whisper sweet tooting into another's butt.
*fart on girl's butt*
Did we just make butt love?
by UrbanEdd August 28, 2008
7 19
a term of endearment first used in the movie, "The Monster Squad"
Bill: Hey Greg, will you meet me at the bowling alley?

Greg: Sure thing, Buttlove!
by Bubbe August 31, 2005
52 71