Top Definition
1) To create loaf from a trio of buttocks
2) An indignant exclamation
3) Occasionally used in place of "poop"
"Dude, you guys totally got buttloafed! Righteous."
"Dude, that was one massive buttloaf."
by Colin Spear November 04, 2005
the excretion of fecal matter out of someones anus, usually of the large variety. also know as the act of flatulence.
" My stomach hurts so bad, think I got to drop a butt loaf."
" That fart was so big I think it was a damn butt loaf!"
by platelunch07 July 27, 2009
n1; An insult used towards generally stupid, mean, or rude people.

n2; A type of meat; A loaf of butt.
We're having buttloaf for dinner tonight.
Not to sound like a buttloaf, but that dress makes you look fat.
by ninjahedgehog June 05, 2011
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