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When a computer goes faster and faster until it's thought processes become a loop and in the infinite moment before it crashes it becomes self aware, that, my friend, is the butterzone. When Keanu comes back to life in the first Matrix movie, and everything slows down and the bullets stop, that is the butterzone.
"I was programming squabbles all night wehn I entered the butterzone!!!!!111oneoneone"
by Teh Aphex Beatz June 24, 2005
The area of profitability that sits between not enough and too much. The sweet spot, business-wise.
Between $5,000 and $50,000 in monthly processing was the butter zone for the merchant account referral company.
by gman2112 August 09, 2011
The state one reaches after consuming just enough alcohol too be 'just drunk enough'. The ideal 'butterzone' is being one drink away from the alcohol having any negative effect. For example, puking, blacking out, or really bad hangovers.
Guy: Want another drink?
Me: Not yet, I'm riding in the butterzone and don't wanna fall out.
by gnarlyRobot December 02, 2015

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