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The fattest cat ever in existence, currently residing in Oxford, Ohio.
OH MY GOD That's butters?!! Jesus Christ I thought there was an orange beaver in your house.
by Commander Venus April 24, 2009
'Butters' can mean ugly, unattractive or disgusting. It is probably derived from the term 'Butt-ugly.'

"Mate have you seen that girl Raessa, she's alright you know?"

"Mate, she's butters"


"Mate did you hear Tom puked all over his bed last night?"

"Errr man, that's butters"
by Street Lexicon January 17, 2014
Usually used in shooting games when the player shoots another person in the nuts.

It's a reference to the South Park episode where Cartman thinks China is taking over and Butters keeps accidentally shooting people in the private parts. Cartman keeps shouting 'Butters' when this happens.
"BUTTERS!' Guy one covers his eyes.
"I wasn't even aiming there!," guy two explains.
by Nutshooter! March 17, 2011
Ugly man/woman/thing/action
Megan is butters or ew that dress is butters or ew his golf swing is butters.

Can be mispelt by certain stereotypes as buttaz or butterz.
From the saying 'She's butt ugly'
by Janice Litman Goralnik July 08, 2009
Butt ugly (really ugly )
jheeze dat gyal was bare butters
by Olivia Barry November 08, 2008
Noun: Usually yelled as an act of celebration, or to designate something as important or incredible. The longer the "u" is pronounced the more important the celebration or object addressed. Created by M. Dina.
(Sinks a shot in basketball) "Butter!"

"Dude I rolled a spleef." "Buuuuutter!"
by Anyonewhoknowsanything March 31, 2014
Lance Armstrong referred to the performance-enhancing drug erythropoietin (EPO) as “butter” because he stored it in his refrigerator's butter compartment. (10/10/2013 Colbert Report: Reed Albergotti & Vanessa O'Connell)
The Tour de France is coming up – make sure we've got enough butter in the fridge!
by thomanderson October 11, 2013