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A boy having a mysterious personality. Someone insecure and confused inside but confident outside. He is someone proud, but he won't show it. He likes to maintain a secretive life. He is unaware of his capability. If he ever gets over his insecurities and confusion, he will become greater than anyone in everything.

He is plain and not showy in the outside. But the more you get to know him, you'll find that there's more to it. And in the end you can't help but get trapped by his mysteries.
Girl 1: Hey, you see that boy? He is plain to look but very mysterious.

Girl 2: Yeah, he is definitely mahbub!
by darkrose April 05, 2013
Mahbub Worlds sexiest boy, a dick the sized of the eiffel tower this boy is perfect in all ways. This guy gives sex a run for its money. Warning a look at his picture will give you boner sorry for the side affect
by king mabz March 02, 2012
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