This means 'ugly' when used to describe a person. I think it comes from 'butterface', as in 'nice body, but her face...'
"She is well butters"
by AJ November 05, 2004
Butter is a slang term that can be used to mean cuddle with; another more common use of the word butter relates to cuddling but suggests that there will be kissing and possibly other unseemly behavior.
Person 1: I'll Butter you all night long
Person 2: Yeah we should make out more often
by SK99 November 17, 2014
Something you put on bread!
I'm having a bread and butter sandwich!
by wwwwwwwwww February 05, 2007
The state of being awesome or extraordinary; used primarily by females. For the male version, see bacon.
That yogurt was totally butter!
by Ravenstone January 30, 2015
really good crack/cocaine.this term is used to describe really good yellow rocks of crack
"im lookin for dat butter my dude..."
by Casper363181 June 09, 2015
Usually used in shooting games when the player shoots another person in the nuts.

It's a reference to the South Park episode where Cartman thinks China is taking over and Butters keeps accidentally shooting people in the private parts. Cartman keeps shouting 'Butters' when this happens.
"BUTTERS!' Guy one covers his eyes.
"I wasn't even aiming there!," guy two explains.
by Nutshooter! March 17, 2011
The fattest cat ever in existence, currently residing in Oxford, Ohio.
OH MY GOD That's butters?!! Jesus Christ I thought there was an orange beaver in your house.
by jdb4402 April 24, 2009
Butt ugly (really ugly )
jheeze dat gyal was bare butters
by Olivia Barry November 08, 2008
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