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Much like a butterface, a buttergut is a chick with a cute face and rack; the deal breaker is the sloppy flab of skin that hangs over the beltline (commonly refered to as a fopa, ponch or gunt).
Damn bro, I was all about the rack until I saw her ponch. Goddamn Butterguts!
by savage.beast June 05, 2006
when a girl has a pretty face and her body is like a coke bottle but her guts... her walls dont exist and her meat curtains hang 4 to 6 inches from her monkey.
R: damn son that bitch is bad as hell...she got green eyes, and little waist and a fat ass...

T: Yea butter guts were was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway and her beef curtians were longer than my dick...
by Syxx19 June 01, 2010
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