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buttercat - /ˈbətərkat/

A cat that is soft, fatty, and malleable, like butter. Buttercats are often very friendly, and sometimes extremely shy at first. Buttercats often have folds of loose skin around their belly.
Look at this cat sprawled out in my lap; hes so soft and pudgy, what a buttercat.
by poweti March 03, 2012
of the english roots BUTTER and CAT. butter, also known as oily, greasy, messy, or liberal. cat, also known as feline, pussy cat, mama babe, or DAWG. combined the words mean greasy cat, greasy feline, oily cat or feline, buttery feline, buttery/oily/greasy dawg. or, greasy pussy. thats rarely used tho. foo.
buttercat this yo shizzle.(noun)

this buttercat is so damn crazy. (verb)

yo buttercat come here? (adj/adv)
by Crazy Lou Albino Teresius December 02, 2004