easily the greatest swimming stroke of all time
he swam the 100 meter butterfly so damn fast i screamed
by lalalalala April 26, 2004
the nervous, anxious knots you get in your stomach when you talk with, think about, or are in the presence of the person you love, or like very, very much.

Contrary to popular belief, this incredible feeling cannot be cured with kisses, but do it anyway:D
Dave gives me butterflies whenever he tells me that he loves me.
by ILoveDave December 19, 2009
The butterfly in swimming is a great technique. Your body goes in a dolphin type of movement, almost like a rythem, and your hands goes with the rythem of your body. I love the stroke. Not everyone can do it though.
At Counties, I did 100 Butterfly.
by Steph February 05, 2005
a small vibrator that goes in your underwear. it is shaped like a butterfly.
jane likes to wear her butterfly to work.
by calliefairy! June 06, 2004
Coming from the Jason Mraz song butterfly, butterfly means pussy or vagina.
Damn man, I saw some nudes on her and she has the nicest butterfly... Like top two most def.

Did you get to see her butterfly?
Yeh man, but that girl needs to take a shave down there. It's nice but its like a butterfly in the Amazon rainforest.
by butterflyhitman April 02, 2009
1. n. Members of Aureus from Ragnarok Online(iRO).
2. n. Insects with 4 beautiful wings that flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar.
3. v. Feeling you get when you're nervous.
i.e. on your wedding day, when on line to ride a rollercoaster.
1. I want to be a pink butterfly ;o;
2. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?
3. The bride won't eat a thing because she has butterflies in her stomach!
by hika May 02, 2005
Classy nickname for vagina.
I pulled the butterfly card.
by Me+I+You July 14, 2009

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