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n. A girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face.
If J.Lo had her face torn apart by wild dogs, people would call her a butter face.
by Ryan November 11, 2002
A girl with a great body but with an ugly face.
"Every thing looks good but her face. (ButterFace).
by Eddie Navarro December 19, 2002
Noun used to describe a woman with a gorgeous body but unfortunately with a face that looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
"Man, she has one hot body"
#bulldog #butter #face #wasp #body
by Gaff November 09, 2005
She's a butterface meaning that everything looks good but her face!
by shortbus May 09, 2003
Comes from the saying "everything about her is hott but her face."
That girl has a nice ass, but she is a wicked butter face.
by sanchez September 19, 2004
everything about her is hot, but her face
man, i think I need a bag to do her, she sho is a butterface.
#butt ugly #fugly #womped by the ugly stick #hotbodkin #dog
by blu blu September 02, 2008
A female that has a nice body but has a ugly face
(everything looks good but-her-face)
"She's a butter face"
#ugly #hidious #booty #butther face #butthead
by Shylo January 18, 2006
Contraction for "but her face." It's a term for a woman who has a great body, but a face that ranges from less-than-pretty to downright fugly.
"Too bad Joan's a butterface, because if she had a face to match that body... oh baby.."
#buterface #butherface #butturface #buturface #butrface
by You Can't Kill the Metal November 13, 2005
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