5 definitions by kriss

Butterface, oh Butterface
I wish you would die
It’s really fucked up
To get my hopes up so high
With fucked up face – and bloodshot eyes
Hold the bag steady
So your face can’t scare the guys
Your body is banging, but your face makes me shout
Your front teeth are screaming “Let me the fuck out”
With Hair like brittle and breath like acid
You look like something
That crawled out of Lake Placid
That’s it for now
I have nothing else to say
Keep that face covered
It’s probably what killed Ray
That's one ugly Butterface.
by kriss July 28, 2004
A true Playboy, One who doesn't give a fuck and has a horse cock. In addition to the Shlong they get mad Pussy and don't give a Fuck what people think.
Taylormade is a straight up Steeger...
by KrisS December 18, 2013
fuck yo mama and yo papa
Ay you chi satanyoko you are stupid
by kriss March 18, 2005
Look At Banana Hammok
see banana hamok
by kriss January 23, 2004
look at tassel sponge
see tassel sponge
by kriss January 23, 2004

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