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A condition of tightness or numbness in the testicles that is felt after fully inserting them inside another person's anus for a prolonged period of time. The intensity and duration of buttballs is dependent on several factors, including but not limited to the size of one's testicles, blood pressure, tightness and dilation of the host's anus, and duration of insertion.
"Damn Tone, you dunked yo nuts in that bitch's ass for over 20 minutes! You must have a serious case of buttballs."
by yaolinglingjiu October 17, 2011
When you are doing a skirt dirty doggy style and your balls smack too much on her ass.
Yo I was working so hard on her I got butt balls
by Josh kellogg March 07, 2008
It's a very gay game. The players are their roles are as follows:
Catcher: Holds anus opens and attempts to catch the punched testicles in their butthole.

Receiver: Gets their balls punched.

Pitcher : Puncher of nuts.

The catcher bends over and the receiver stands behind them in a doggy-style-like position and then gets their balls punched by the pitcher into the held open anus of the catcher. The catcher than tries to catch the testicles in their anus before they swing back.
"Anyone up for a round of butt ball?" - person 1
"Sure, but i'm pitchin! I aint bein the receiver like last time!" - person 2
"I call dibs on being receiver!" - Idiot
by The Nipplenator May 25, 2012
The act of inserting testicles into an anus, sometimes one's own.
"Hey Joel, it's Chris. I got this porn you have to see, it's called 'Guys Who Buttball Themselves.' Call me back! Later!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
Butt Ball: The act of calling one a meany or jerkish
Jackie you are such a butt ball that I don't even want to be in the same room as you.
by thatonekid3132 February 07, 2011
When a man fully inserts his penis into the anal passage (male or female) and rest his balls on the gluteus maximus thus the formation on buttballs occurs.
(Exp.1)Man George, You were so drunk last night Alex T. got in that ass so far he gave you the worst case of buttballs ever and left you a rash. Here is the picture.

by B & J July 31, 2006
when pants are so tight on guy that their balls look like a butt
aka male camel toe
Hey dude, you have a bad case of butt balls.
by gewa November 10, 2007
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