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Butt Puppets is a funny way to say you have to poop.
I have to go make butt puppets.

If you are going to go make butt puppets dont let the water splash you on you ass.
by CcreatorR April 26, 2004
I saw this word in a chat room in 2003. There it meant a stealthing chatter secretly carrying out the agenda of another- and generally easily recognized- chatter. I believe in the larger sense it has come to mean a person or figurehead who speaks under the direction of another...as though a child's sock toy with someone's armed jammed up their ass.
Why bother listening to Jack? He's like totally Natalie's butt-puppet.
by Mo Dixley December 28, 2004
someone who acts as a puppet for someone else, as in they have a hand up their ass controlling their mouth see also ass puppet
Diskin was such a butt puppet for Keagy, his breath smelled like hand lotion.
by n6ko January 20, 2003
Someone who is a complete fucking moron.
My X James is a total buttpuppet.
by Bambi September 12, 2004
3. Also relating to the way a sock puppet is filled and then controlled from the bottom: A man in prison being filled from the bottom at the delight of many for hideous crimes he was convicted of.
Did you hear? Charles ____ was convicted of molesting 12 children and is sentenced to 38 years. I'll bet San Quentin can't wait to unwrap their brand spanking new "Butt-Puppet!" Merry Christmas San Quentin!
by sfsffsfsfsf December 25, 2012
1. a decorated sock operated from the bottom used for cheap entertainment
2. a (powerful) person controlled by another person. people joke that the person in control serviced that person in the anus.
that girl's got you whipped
you're such a butt-puppet
by ggunit August 03, 2004
The bitch in a male homosexual relationship.
Gavin is Brad's butt puppet.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003