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8 definitions by Chimp

Have a shit, drop a turd, pinch a loaf, make a doo doo, evacuate ones bowels.
by Chimp August 15, 2003
See Bag Of Mashings
A mish mash, a sampling of all things in a given group. From the Deedeeish tongue prevalent in Barnsley, Yorks.
"I am gong to play queen, monkey bump and the whole bagamashings"
by Chimp August 30, 2006
One who subscribes to the furry way.
I see you are dressed up as a buffdaddy.. that alarms me
by Chimp June 06, 2004
Regz: Doing somthing often.
I smoke bare weed on the regz!!!!
by Chimp October 12, 2003
Ford Motor Company
my car comes from the great fo mo co
by Chimp August 15, 2003
A car made of cheese, in which a wee mouse driver, complete with helmet, sits.
Escape to the cheese car!
by chimp October 20, 2003
A human anal sex toy
In prison, Bubba made the new inmate his butt puppet.
by Chimp June 23, 2003