sweat that is emitted from the anus.
I could smell her buttsweat in her panties. Mmmmmm
by buttman September 19, 2003
Top Definition
On a very long, hot busride/carride with very few rest stops, how your butt gets really sweaty. Also happens on a piano bench.
"Dad, can we stop at this gas-station? John has serious buttsweat and its like a pool down here in the backseat
by Young and Restless June 09, 2004
Due to lack of aeration between two butt cheeks, sweat accumulates in the crevice and may cause squeaking noises while walking. May also manifest as a stain in gluteal region while wearing biking shorts.
Midwife wonders for a moment, unsure whether the woman in labor has broken her water or has a bad case of butt sweat.
by woogieboogieboooooop June 16, 2009
When your ass gets wet from working to hard, and the shit inside your anus is being washed in, and you have to go wipe, thats butt sweat.

Oh sorry, its just a little butt sweat
by Barry Manilow March 31, 2003
To have anal moisture and leakage of ur ass. To be sweaty. An annoying follower who is asshole drippings called buttsweat
Dude I have some luby buttsweat
by kentkicks January 08, 2012
Most often referring to the sweat that collects in your butt crack after a really messy dump.
My butt sweat got together with my poorly wiped ass and created this skid mark on my underwear.
by Fart Barker February 09, 2009
when the area of your butt crack with all of the hair gets sweaty during physical exercise.
Damn! Billy has a huge butt sweat stain showing right through his pants.
by party boob November 02, 2014
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