An individual that immensely enjoys raiding someones' puckered poopy pocket searching for gold, easy work, or just for pure enjoyment.

A slowik. A slowy.
You freak, you're such a slowik.
by broccoli March 19, 2005
a term used to refer to a gay man or homosexual,due to the fact that gay men enjoy anal sex and are prone to wearing fruity bandannas and wearing a single gold they like sailers!
some butt pirates last nite were trying to pick me up i shot the mother fucker cuz i aint gay!
by ass slut lover! December 07, 2003
to crave the caramel canal. very popular with this guy i know named crook. he sucks chode. what a fag.
crook, you are an analy infatuated butt pirate.
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
a buttkeneer
That queer is a real Butt Pirate
by BigJoe May 04, 2004
noun 1. when guy gets behind his girl and doggies her
2. When a pirate grabs your ass
3. See booty
4. When Porn stars do after engaging after oral
jonny butt pirated his girlfriend in his bedroom.
by Brennie January 09, 2006
Little Pirrates that live in your ass and cause dingle berries
Butt Pirates are found in the Bahammas
ARRRR, shitzs ahoy toilet paper ahead
by Keebles September 22, 2005
noun: guys who display their lean tight-clothes wearin' physique in a manner most displeasing to straight males.
"By jove, methinks Ricky Martin and Ben Affleck quite the duo butt pirate extreme... Ah, the girlie muhfuggas.."
by LB the Last Dragon April 05, 2003

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