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one who wipes their snoogahs inside the pool while you are swimming
"Hey asshole.. now we can never find the snoogah and get rid of it.. Wish you weren't such a Snoogah-faggot sometimes.."
by mahbawlsarebitchin August 19, 2008
A wet gross booger that you get while swimming which people believe that wiping it off and putting it in the pool is the best way to dispose of it
"Hey guy... you got some snoogahs"

"Alright thanks." *wipes of nose then puts hand in the pool*
by mahbawlsarebitchin August 19, 2008
one who leaves behind original friends for a couple days and/or weeks to hang out with one kid continulously as if he wants to bum fuck them.
"Wow haven't seen Shaun lately."

"He just became a Butt Pirate for Alex"

"Poor Shaun..."
by mahbawlsarebitchin August 19, 2008

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