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When a friend has passed out you proceed to spread his/her butt cheeks and insert the makings of a taco (tomato, lettuce, choice of meat, sour cream, etc.) Often great for retaliation.
I gave my cheeting-ass ho of a gf a butt taco. And then I made her eat it. That bitch.
by David June 17, 2006
Eating a combination of ground beef (or seasoned grilled chicken), cheese, lettuce, and tomato (with additional dressings and sauces to be used as needed) out of the crack of another's anus.
We were all out of shells last night, but had all the other ingredients ready. I didn't want to ruin Billy's second fiesta, so we just ate butt tacos out of Melinda.
by The Earl of Teabag July 03, 2006
When a man slides his penis back and forth between another persons buttcheeks. No penatration...of course.
Dude #1 : "Did you have sex with her last night?"
Dude #2 : "No, but we did a butt taco."
by Lady Fu July 29, 2012
One who dabbles in douchebaggery.
Johnny wears a fedora, therefore Johnny is a Butt-taco.
by River Justice February 13, 2012
When one takes the meat of a ground up human ass and shoves it into between a tortilla.
There wasn't any more beef at the store, so I just had to buy some ass meat to make my tacos.

My mom caught me banging Brittany at the dance yesterday so she made me eat a butt taco.
by roger190101934seventy June 23, 2011
When a person is vomiting and has diarrhea at the same time and little bit of shit squirts out as he/she throws up and runs down the crack of his/her ass thus making a butt taco.
I was so sick last night butt tacoed in my shorts.
by Butttardigan September 07, 2006
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