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The act of a man sticking his penis in between a womans ass and the woman squeezing her cheeks as the man humps.
Can you please give me a butt job babe?
by buttlicer1234 January 01, 2009
When a penis is pleasured between a set of butt cheeks with no anal insertion, akin to a a tit fuck.
I thought i was gonna get anal but girl gave me a buttjob
by Brezdan April 27, 2007
the buttjob is when you place your dick in between the girl's buttcheeks. then you slowly slide up and down and you get that heavenly feeling. i sure as hell would like to do that to a girl.
gee, Jade I don't have a condom. but there's no reason we can't have sex anyway. will you give me a buttjob? i'll pleasure you too by rubbing your clit while i hump your booty cheeks. it'll be a lot off fun.
by TheThreeStooges1995 June 28, 2011
when a guy sticks his dick between 2 buttcheeks.he will then stick it out and in between her buttcheeks but make sure his dick don'ts go in the butthole.he will keep doing it until he his' dick surts sperm on the girl butthole
jacob: guess what
jacob:brianna gave me a buttjob
by guy talk May 04, 2010
When someone tongues or licks their partner's anus. See bum job, bumjob or rimjob.
She gave me a butt job.
by Karl Steiger January 31, 2004
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