It is the small amount of feces that is pushed out your anus when you stand up. This small amount of feces is not detectable by toilet paper when you are wipeing while sitting. This type of phenomenon typically happens when your shit is pastey.
After eating Thai food Dave typically had butt cheese that would make is ass itch like a Mu Fu during the day.
by CaptnK May 19, 2006
The foreign matter that accumulates in your ass cleavage. Such matter often causes mild itchiness and promotes smelling of the finger committee after meeting is adjourned.
"I'd like a club sandwich on rye with provalone..unless you happen to have some of that aged butt cheese on your hand."
by dilekoolie June 24, 2007
A Combination of moisture, sweat, dead skin and anal secretions which combine together is mixed between ones butt cheeks resulting in an undesirable smell and discomforting sensation.
My butt cheese is getting so messy it feels like a little kid eating a candy bar!
by Dick Draggin' October 18, 2009
when you need to wipe your hiney
please don't rub your butt cheese on my leg
by stinkymcstinkface June 12, 2008
the cum that ooses out after anal sex
the butt cheese oozed out of my girlfriend anal and leeched onto the ground
by jaba the slut January 24, 2008
A guy name Hollinghead who possess the smell from a mixed of foot odor with raunchy sweaty ass after taking a massive hard core shit and wants to buy a guy a glass of wine.
If ones who reeks who butt-cheese you could say "If I wanted you around, I would of farted."
by Hollinghead April 10, 2007
butt cheese is the solid equivilent of butt custard. dried cum in the anal vicinity resembling cheese.
mann this butt cheese smells foul
by girlsgottahaveit February 24, 2005

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