to be work one's self into a frenzy of anger, stress, or otherwise unpleasent moods towards another person
stop getting all busy on me man!
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
Used interchangably with the word "masturbating."
"I'm sorry I seemed distracted on the phone last night, I was busy."

*Knock Knock*
"I can't come to the door right now, I'm busy."
by SUPA-FLYer August 21, 2006
To leave somewhere quickly.
Yo son, im about to busy from this whack party.
by Yanks4life May 17, 2005
adj (gay) or n. (gay)
Girl 1: Where is Joe tonight" Girl 2: He couldn't make it out becuase he was too "busy". Girl 1: that what they are calling it these days. (This is how it was created....It works great in all situations. You should try it.)
by jeffucsb August 10, 2006
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