describes a condition of when the individual is high on drugs, usually ICE or extacy or a good combination of both.
"Man you look busted up, wtf did you do last night? Got any left??"
by wintermute November 06, 2003
Top Definition
1. in poor condition
2. the quality or state describing a woman whose vagina has suffered considerable traffic and is likely to be hosting sexually-transmitted infection.
"bra, i would hump your sister but she looks pretty busted up."
by kagus christ November 03, 2003
A person who looks like another person or has similar features to that person. In most cases the "busted up" person is usually less attractive.
"Dang! I just saw a busted-up version of you walkin' down the street."
"Yeah, I saw that. He had the same hair as me."
by BigEvilMetalhead February 24, 2010
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