hailing from the Midwestern United States, specifically Chicago, this term has been used by artists Cam'ron and Twista, and has many definitions, including but not limited to:

A bustdown is someone who generally...

1. likes to go to the 'candy shop' and "lick the lollipop" as 50 Cent said in the song, "Candy Shop" (gives head);

2. like R. Kelly said in the song, "So Sexy" with Twista, "want the D, love the D, ride the D, like to have the D up inside them," (loves dick so much that they will do anything to and for anybody and everybody that will let them), or;

3. has done or will do something with:
a. Woody
b. BC
c. Scoota
d. or any other nasty Nigga.

Again, while there are many other definitions for this term, these three are the most prevalent.
Will: Wassup my Nigga? Where all the bustdowns at?

Fred: I don't know where all the bustdowns at, but I do know where we can find a good one.

Will: Where dawg?

Fred: Behind Sterks over there on Orchard; you know Rachel's nasty ass be over there all the time busting dudes down!
by Tha Numba One Slut July 23, 2005
A girl that sleeps with a lot of guys and don't give a fuck!
Britney is a bustdown. She slept with the entire football team!
by BriansBaby2006 February 04, 2004
The word Bust down means basically to Prostitue orally. As many should know bust down originated in Chicago. If you bust down you will be heated.
You a Bust Down ass ho!
by Mz Apple Bottom March 30, 2005
hoodrat; woman of low morals; an easy lay; sexually promiscuious woman
I'm ready for some sex, let's go get one of them bust downs.
by theo rush May 08, 2003
A male or female (mostly females) who go down on EVERYBODY
Yo let me holla at that bustdown Tasha,so i can get me some service.
by Mo April 24, 2004
A person (usually female) who will let anyone (and usually does) bust one on/ in them at any time
Don't mess with her she's a bust down!
by Giddy April 24, 2005
Chicago term for a whore or easy person to do sexual acts with. They do sexual acts and don't get paid for it.
I didn't take her anywhere; that bust down let me do her in the alley!(or any other low grade location)
#also spelled:bus down #related words:whore #hoe #slut #bitch #skeeza
by Ciddo April 11, 2008
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