The Short of a cigarette
ayo b let me get tha bust down
by Kaoz September 10, 2003
1. Basically, to ho out anything of your own to anyone who asks for it. The asker says Bust down.

2. Half of a cigarette. Term used when someone would like half of another's cigarette.
1. Person 1: "Bro, can I get a bust down of that ice cream?"
Person with ice cream: "Yeah, grab a spoon."

2. Preson 1: "Yo, let me get a bust down on your cigarette, bitch.
Person with cigarette: "No."
by Ramblin' Rose September 05, 2006
To give a person the last half of a cigerette.
"Hey charlie can I get a bust down?"
"Yo, can you bust me down?"
by No1_Hater March 18, 2008
Giving your friend the second, unsmoked half of your cigarette, the bust. Obtained by calling 'bust' on the cigarette.
Johnny: I call bust down on that stogie.

Dave: Sorry, Joey already got bust.

Johnny: Ah, shit.
by Robots Bacon July 30, 2009
A term applied to women that originate in Chicago (Chi-town), referring to:

1) A girl that is a whore, sleeps around

2) Building on that, a girl that sleeps around with the same group of friends as her "boyfriend"

3) A girl that gives oral sex or prostitutes herself openly to men of a group
Jerome, your girl's a bust down, I hear she's been getting with the whole chess team.
by dirtybird00 January 26, 2008
is a person you have sex with, for the pure pleasure of sex, no relationship intended. A used up female.
I asked my grandson who the girl was, and he said, she's just a bust down.
by Sandy Orfanos September 21, 2005
A female companion who fucks, sucks, and swallows nuts
I met this bitch the other day who sucked my dick while i was taking a shit in mcdonalds. She was a straight up bustdown.
by Real Pimpin August 14, 2006

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