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(noun) A severe argument
That tennis player and his coach have had the mother of the bust ups.
by etzelet October 05, 2010
627 21
new orleans term for give me some usually you have to give them some if they use this term
ooohhh she got some candy "Bust up"
by trippy t March 16, 2014
1 1
separation or dissolution, as of a marriage or a close friendship.
Friend 1: Me and Tori got into an argument last night
Friend 2: Oh yeah? Did you guys Bustup?
by hallucinate May 31, 2010
1 4
Opposite of bustdown.

A female that elevates your status, instead of bringing it down like a bustdown.
Yeah, before all he was getting was bustdowns and now I guess all you need is one bustup and you get a range rover.
by pseudonymforbetterthanyou February 09, 2011
0 4
Beat the hell out of
I'm going to bust up her pimp, he deserves to get beat up that bitch.
by Amanda-Lynne (PiMpEtTe) December 19, 2003
29 88