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to carry out sexual intercourse with women with excessive pubic hair; to have sex with bushmonkeys
The best I could do with that one was bushwhack straight through.
by friend68 September 21, 2010
17 21
1) To assault someone unexpectedly.
2) What happens to you when you lose your job and some of your Constitutional freedoms thanks to a decision of the Bush Administration and the GOP-led Congress and Supreme Court.
Lost my job today cuz they're outsourcing, and I got arrested for being a Democrat. I'm on welfare now. Aw shit! no more welfare, they cut me off on that too.
by LudwigVan March 05, 2004
245 38
To blaze a trail through unfriendly territory, usually used when hiking.
The trail just ended - looks like we're going to have to bushwhack our way out!
by jeffzeppelin April 26, 2009
28 15
When you masturbate while camping.
My girlfriend didn't come camping with me so I had to bushwhack it.
by Ansatsushya December 08, 2009
23 31
Synonymous with "pussy-whipped."
Dude, your new chick has got you completely bushwhacked.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
5 17
When someone starts to praise a president's policies, but then performs an about-face and ridicules the President. Often used in reference to news programs.

Can be used as a verb: Bushwhacked, Bushwacking; or as an adjective: Bushwhacked
Person in bar: Can you believe that commentator. Talking about Obama's policies positively, only to turn around again and bash him.

Bartender: Yeah, he totally just Bushwhacked the shit out of him.
by Hesperuswreck January 18, 2011
4 18
To hinder someone's progress by recounting a very long tale, of which the listener is very often disinterested. esp when returning from holiday.
The boss bushwhacked me about his holiday yesterday, i couldn't get away!
by shelflife June 18, 2009
4 21