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1.To watch something while hiding like a nigger in the bush 2. to be eye in the sky in a Game server. 3. To join a voice chat and not say nothing just to listen to others.
Nelson has been in here over a hour. And has said nothing he is a bushnigger. Also see Fly On The Wall
by Hempfeen August 28, 2005
A bushnigger is an offensive word for a native, indian, aboriginal, etc. because they look similar to niggers that live in the bush, or the wild. See also chug
The guy on the Lakota commercial is a bushnigger.
by Nic Sye February 09, 2006
1-A Carnivores zombie characterized right out of 28 Days Later or Dawn of The Dead.
2-Someone who has no regard for the law and performs tasks based on something a terminally insane person would do.

A Bush nigger will hide in the bushes waiting for some one to walk around the corner with meat.

1. The Bush niggers are chasing us through the mall! I can see the death in their eyes!

2. That kid is the biggest bush nigger to ever walk this planet.
by NPOFC Headmaster May 05, 2008
slang for native canadians.
im gonna beat those bush niggers!
by yomommalovesthedonkeypunch August 15, 2005
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