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something you'd find in your garden.
there's a bush growing in my garden.
by jumpoffjoeybuddenz October 28, 2005
the hairy region above the vagina
Mrs Hughe's bush makes me want to puke when it stick our her pants.
by douche December 05, 2003
Will someone give him a blow job so someone can impeach him?
George Bush: Where the hell are my guns?
by luizza October 03, 2006
a fucktard who doesnt know shit, a shitty leader and a disgrace to the human race
wtf bush is a dumbass
by justin March 17, 2005
Bush ia a pronoun of idiot.
by ramunen August 05, 2008
1) A low-lying plant growth.

2) Slang for a female's pubic hair, but can refer to a male's pubic hair.

3) The 41st and 43rd "presidents". Both of them suck(ed).

4) One of the most hated, inept, uninclusive, idiotic "president"s. He wanted to be president merely for the glory of being the son of a previous president and won dur to a rigged election. He is not known for his leadership skills or for proficiency in his own language. He is known, however, for creating elaborate lies/misleading the American people; for contradicting himself; for failing to find Osama Bin Laden; for starting a war in Iraq when they had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks; for responding to the attacks by just reading to elementary-school children; for leading the U.S. to believe that there were weapons of mass distruction all over the Middle East when there was really nothing there; for mangling names/words; for stunting so much progress in women's rights, gay rights, and protecting the environment, thanks to his bigoted, short-sighted beliefs; and for disgracing the United States.
I was hoping that Gore (and later, Kerry) would lick Bush, but my hope was crushed and we have to deal with the stupid fuck for two terms, and be disgraced and sunken even further. While he and his goddamn W.A.S.P. conservative cronies celebrate extravagantly, there's animals and plants in danger of extinction, and there's people who have next to nothing.
by Lorelili November 25, 2005
world's number one terrorist
Bush has committed more acts of terrorism than all the other rogue terrorists combined.
by mr. communication June 03, 2007