1. is a creationist
2. believes in the rapture
3. believes God wanted him to be president
4. is a steadfast determined leader, who is wrong on just about everything.
5. fetal alcohol syndrome would explain a lot of things, but Barbera doesn't seem like a drinker.
"All of us here in America should believe, and I think we do, that we should be, as I mentioned, a nation of owners. Owning something is freedom, as far as I'm concerned. It's part of a free society... It's a part of -- it's of being a -- it's a part of -- an important part of America."
by bomb biscuit June 11, 2004
The most hapless and least effective President of the United States of America sinse Herbert Hoover. Career highlights include being arrested for drunk driving, choking on a pretzel and refusing to pass a hate crimes law in Texas while governor.
"Bush is a dumb piece of shit who hates poor people and can't read"
"Damn right"
#dumb fuck #stupid piece of shit #idiot #redneck #homophobe #inept #puppet
by 2mart4u October 06, 2005
a man that has changed the face of civilisation, for the worse.
"bush is the devil"
"bush is evil"
"bush is a idiot"
by pureone September 19, 2004
a very good grunge/rock band
Bush is an awesome band.
#band #grunge #rock #music #cool
by Black Hayate November 25, 2005
1. Person who gives the greviously unintelligent a bad image.
2. Misguided leader
3. War criminal

(from recent historic events)
1. "Look at that bush trying to fit his hummer into a compact spot"
2. "Our boss is such a bush. He wants us to delete active client files in order to make room for more clients"
3. "Man, Slobodan Melosevic is a hiddeous bush"
by Fatty Closendorph February 22, 2005

A moronic, chimpanzee like creature that bought his way into the White House. He makes a mockery of the English Language. Has several DUI arrests and is known to insult other cultures by asking questions that a child, who doesn’t know any better, would ask. He also has the I.Q. of a garden snail.
Bush sucks ass and Dick(Vice President).
by Jon March 14, 2005
1) An unsightly growth which should be cut as soon as it is publicly noticed (but sometimes isn't).
2) Pubes.
Some tend to say bush is a good thing. Others tend to be right.
by TK March 11, 2005
1. Metally unbalanced President of the United States, who believed that he was the President of Earth.

2. The moral version of Adolf Hitler.
Bush was elected into office as a result of the election being rigged.
by S. Sutton March 21, 2005
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