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verb: to smile annoyingly big, being sure to show all teeth and some gums. sometimes done intentionally, other times because the person busey-ing can't help it, such as the actor Gary Busey.
Dude, you're busey-ing so badly that I can see your gumline!
by wh1tn3yj0rd4n January 05, 2010
describing an ex behaving as a crazy person would without rhyme or reason attached to the action. Mostly used to describe an ex who has taken on behaviors that can only be described as insane such as stalking.
Person 1 = "Vanessa has been busey-ing."

Person 2 = "What has she been up to now?"
Person 1 = "Walking past my house 9 times a day and calling from unlisted numbers."
by Tambeans June 16, 2011
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