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A celebration at the end of a school year that involved burning your essays, tests, etc.
I'm going to have an English class essay burnoff this year.
by 5'11"Racer December 07, 2006
Prison terminology meaning to leave the area hastily.
I was trying to tell ya something, but all you did was burn off.
by ToBIGWillie April 25, 2010
A broadcast run of un-aired episodes of a canceled program. Often done before a show is officially announced as canceled.
ABC's New Year's burnoff signaled the show was likely to be canceled.
by okl January 09, 2013
1). A burnoff happens when someone revs up a car motor while applying the brake, the engine at high revolutions per minute, and releasing the brake. The result is both wheels violently turn and often smoke as the heat from the tires literally burns the rubber off the tires. As the car travels down the road there is a tell tale set of blackish tire marks on the roadway in its wake.

2). A burnoff is found in someone's underwear and resembles the burning tire marks found on streets after races.
1). Dude! Did you see that burnoff?

2). Dude your gross. You better go check your shorts for a burnoff.

Stevens underwear has burnoffs in them! Ew!
by Skycop August 22, 2016
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