proper noun.
1) a large festival held in the black rock desert of northern nevada every august, creating temporarily the 4th largest city in the state.
2) the man itself; a large (approximately 40-foot tall) statue of a man, made of wood, lined with neon lights, which is the centerpiece of the city and the festival, and is ceremonially burned to the ground at the end of the festival. the symbolism of the burning is highly subjective and personal.
see also Burning Man.
jesse from dirt first: "whoever stays up in this tree will be making a sacrifice. you can't come down for anything; not a phish concert, not even BurningMan."
lisa simpson: "i'll do it!"
by carjack September 06, 2005
Disneyland for Yupsters.
He scalped two Burning Man tickets at $250 a piece on Craigslist
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by alecm3 May 19, 2007
Like wasting $1000 to hang out in the parched desert with 35,000 bitter hippies? If you answered yes to this question, then Burningmans for you! Come join the burned out Deadheads and deluded, hard-up Frat boys to chase the handful of washed up hippy women that were in their prime in the summer of love 1969. If you have any drugs, make sure to hoard them because everybody else will be! Not to mention the HUNDREDS of law enforement agents and their canine units just ITCHING to make a bust. Throw in the alkaline soil slowly eating away at any exposed skin, and you're good to go! Bring a women with you and watch 20 horney dirtbags instantly materialize to try to pry her away from you! This event might have been fun back in the '80s, but if you're really looking for a good time, spring break in Cancun is the place to be.
Now I know why they call it burningman, cuase man, do you get burned!
by alphahooker November 23, 2004
Every year, more than 50,000 participants, or "burners", build a temporary city in the desert to celebrate community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. This is Black Rock City, the location of Burning Man. It has been described as looking like a Mad Max theme-party thrown by freaks, punks, hippies, and ravers, at a refugee camp for homeless carnies, somewhere in the Sahara Desert. Yet it’s much more than that.

Burning Man used to be just a few hundred "insiders" each year. It grew by word of mouth until in 1996 there were 8000 people on the playa, and not enough organization to keep people safe. Several people were seriously injured. Someone died. The anarchists insisted the event must end--it was too big to operate on anarchist principles. Others insisted it could grow and flourish, but would need essential organization and structure. The organizers were right. Today over 50,000 people experience this amazing event each year, and have their minds blown by the freedom, generosity, and creativity they share with friends old and new. Many new participants will leave Black Rock City changed forever by immediate, profound experience. Witnessing Black Rock City proves something important about all of our potential as human beings.

All are welcome to participate at Burning Man. There are no prerequisites for inclusion. It is a do-ocracy... if you want to participate, if you want to help, sign up and help. But be careful: Burning Man may change your life.
(Before Burning Man...)

Billy: Hey Fred, let's take a week off from being Investment Bankers and go to Burning Man and get fucked up. I hear it's full of hotties!
Fred: Yeah! Naked hotties!

(After Burning Man...)

Billy: Fred, I've started painting with oils, I'm quitting my job, moving to Portland, and opening a small gallery with some friends I met at the Temple.

Fred: I hear you brother. I quit last week, I'm learning Yoga, and the girl I met on Tuesday at Astral Headwash has asked me to move out to Denver and work with her on an art project for Apogaea.
#burner #burningman #counterculture #party #bmorg #borg #larry harvey #black rock city
by Dr Opinion November 23, 2012
Contrary to the shit-talk it has been getting, the Burning Man festival is now mainly just a 3-day festival where everyone dresses up in odd fasions (fun) and trip out on weed, psychedelics, and a helluva lot of beer.

Its origins started in Pagan times when the Celts would burn a wooden effigy of a man to convey repentence to their gods in the idea of giving a false sacrifice.

Thankfully, we've disgraced it to the point of where it's just like a 72-hour shroom trip.
"Dude, are you going to Burning Man this year?"
"Yes, a bunch of naked, tripping, and rolling weirdos who just want to rub up next to you and say 'Will you be my Buffy-Bear?'. What are we, twelve?"
(Quoted from American Dad (not exactly as said, though))
#burning #man #burning man #burningman #burningman festival #burning man festival
by Gigolo June 08, 2012
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